Re-meshed objects for FreeSO and SimiTone

Raeven Remeshes

Released but Still Needs Work

Bubble Machine (v1)

Machine Model complete but the bubbles were really high poly so have not been done.

Castle Table (v1)

Textures still need to be improved upon


Andersonville Pedestal Sink




Wall Mirrors (using sprites as textures)


Moderate Desk

Unleashed Farm Table

"Concreta" Display Counter (texture made using a mix of sprites and procedural textures)

Hawkitol Counter (texture made using a mix of sprites and procedural textures)

NuMica Kitchen Counter (texture made using a mix of sprites and procedural textures)

TSO's Moroccan Dining Table (texture made using a mix of sprites and other materials)

In addition to those re-meshes that I have finished and uploaded, I have a large (LARGE) number of re-meshes that I have started and have taken a break from. I return to them occasionally to work on them a bit more with new found motivation, interest, or knowledge. Two of the finished re-meshes (the garden/Porch Swing and the Andersonville Pedestal Sink) were done that way taking over a year before I actually completed them to the point that they could be shared. Here's some preview pictures of a few others that I quite like.

WIP Country Counter and Cape Crab Counter

Model complete; Textures are still being improved upon.

I a go at finishing these counters this week. I still need to change the way they are UV mapped and I have decided that the blue and white one, while rather pretty, is too flatly colored for the environment so I'll be remaking it's texture using the sprite, as I've done did with the country counter. I may also change the model slightly since I feel like some of the placements and heights are off by a little bit when compared to the sprite.

WIP Head in Jar decor

Model still needs some tweaks and optimizing; Textures are still being figured out.

WIP Castle Mirror (VERY WIP)

WIP Vegas1 Armchair

Model is blocked out and still being figured out. I have not been able to curve meshes well (smoothly) enough.

Lodge Fireplace

Can't seem to find the right stone texture. This is the closest I've goten so far. Too boxy; needs bevels at the LEAST

Retro Bookshelf

This one is a collaboration with an artist. He started the model but found it wasn't necessarily coming out the way he wanted so I have revamped it. He will be making the textures for it later. At this stage it has not been UV unwrapped and a few parts will need to be changed after the texture is made (removing a tiny handle from the lockbox, for instance, after that has been drawn on. Unbeveling a few corners, perhaps)

Cheap Fridge

To be honest, this one isn't [i]really[/i] a remesh. I knew going in that the poly count would be WAY too high. I am just doing this as an exercise, really. WOW Maxis used a lot of condiments. I mean WOW!! MAxis also made the fridges 2 rotations so you only see the contents on one half of the fridge. As such I was free to fill the other half of the fridge with anythign I like so chose some food from the real Fridge remesh that Dica did,a and added even more condiments in the form S1ndle's picnic decor. I also added some new foods containers of my own to fill the space in a bit. I left off trying to fill the veggie bin.

I've also had a few false starts. Not sure if anyone is interested in those. The skeleton chair was one. I can't seem to model the bones well enough so I grabbed some free-to-download ones and constructed a chair using those. It was far too high poly for in-game use but it gave me a chance to try texture painting bones and that was fun.